Increasing presence of news information and its efficacy under infodemics


Hello everyone, I’ve been working on a new project.

I would like to share an article posted by a developer of a news information service (Refinitiv MarketPsych Indices) that MAiMATE is using.

CONID-19 is the first true SNS infodemic.


Infodemics (information infectious diseases), I feel, is a term that is likely to become more common in the future.
It is a new word that combines epidemic and information, and I feel that the definition of the word includes not only “disinformation” but also the rapid spread of “correct information”.

Social media has zipped information and misinformation around the world at unprecedented speeds, fueling panic, racism … and hope. … and hope.
Social networking sites have zipped information and misinformation around the world at unprecedented speeds, fueling panic, racism … and hope. Social networking sites have propagated (correct) information and incorrect information with unprecedented speed, fueling panic, racism … and hope.

That’s the Japanese translation.
In Japan, it may be fresh in your mind that the country was swept away by a false alarm that there would be a shortage of toilet paper.

Price fluctuations in financial markets are influenced by news information in no small way, and I believe that news information has a particularly large influence on prices during an infodemic.

As a MAiMATE trainer, you can make use of news information that may have an impact on price formation for free.
I believe that one of the reasons why MAiMATE has been able to function in the recent unstable market environment is due to the use of this news information.

Words by Honma Munehisa

It is true that when all people are weak, rice should rise. When all people are strong, it is a seed that rice should fall.


I never thought I’d see a Japanese person in a document made by a foreigner, I’m kind of proud of it.
His name is “Honma Munehisa”, and the English document says “Honma Mune Hisa”, but Wikipedia says “Honma Soukyuu”. Which is correct…?

If you look for information about him on Google, you will find that he is a “genius market maker,” “made his fortune trading rice,” “said to be the inventor of the candlestick. He is also said to be the inventor of the candlestick.
His words on this page are
He said, “When all people are weak, it is logical that rice should rise. When people are strong, the rice should fall.
This means that everyone’s emotions and prices tend to move in opposite directions.

Even if you think, “Well, that may be true,” and try to “buy when most people are bearish and sell when most people are bullish,” it is extremely difficult for a human being to actually do so without wavering.
Therefore, I believe that using an automated trading partner such as MAiMATE’s AI agent can be one way to get closer to realizing Munehisa Homma’s golden rule.

Also, what I think is particularly important in the material on this page is the following
Prices overreact(revert) and underreact(trend) depending on information flow.
I think the most important part of this page is the following

Prices have gone from rising to falling! Prices will go down more! → Prices don’t go down much, or prices go up, which is disappointing.
The price continues to rise, but it is not in a strong trend and should fall soon… → Price keeps going up and you are disappointed.
I think this is a common situation in trading.
Even if we want to do something about it, it is very difficult for humans to improve.

In addition, the following is also written in the document.

Humans are systematically non-rational with information about risk
Humans are systematically non-rational with information about risk

I’m sure I won’t get the coronavirus.
I’m sure the stock won’t fall any further.
I think this is true for many people.
The fact that human judgments are not rational is also discussed in a past article, “The Influence of Emotions on Investment Decisions and the Role of Automated Trading”, so please check it out when you have time.












  • トレーディング結果に不平不満を持つ情報が多く見つかるので、どうやらマーケットの動きは多くの人間の想定と逆に動いているみたいだな…
  • さて、自分はどう動こうか。とりあえずテクニカル指標への依存を下げた方が良さそうだな。


  • 何だかトレーディング結果にハッピーそうな情報が多く見つかるので、どうやらマーケットの動きは多くの人間の想定通りに動いているみたいだな
  • テクニカル指標の信頼度を上げても良いかも知れないな。






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